The Plane of Influence, land of power manufacture

Durafore is the 4th to last dimension in the planar chain. Durafore is the plane where the idea essence from Brillight is converted into power essence and passed further down the chain. By giving ideas power, Durafore provides the essential groundwork for the essences later in the chain. Without power to the ideas, no other dimensions could utilize the creative essence manufactured in Brillight. The plane of Durafore itself is described as looking hellish, with shadowy mountains covering a dark, cloudy red horizon. Fire and lava are exceedingly common in Durafore, making the realm feel particularly warm in some areas, and unbearably hot in others. Demons and other malevolent sort make their home in Durafore, feeding on the excess power produced by the realm. Durafore is a difficult realm to travel to, often only being visited semi-regularly by powerful wizard academic groups.


Prominent deities which reside over the plane include but are not limited to:


The god of strength


The god of movement


The god of heat


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